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Pay TV Execs Optimistic They Can Adapt to Changes: Report

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Declining subscriber numbers don't seem to bother today's top pay TV executives. According to a report issued this morning, senior executives with the U.S.'s leading pay TV providers are "cautiously optimistic" their companies will be able to adapt to changing times and preferences. The report details key takeaways from the 2019 Pay TV Innovation Forum, which was held in New York earlier this summer, and was compiled by digital TV security company Nagra and research and strategy consultancy MTM.

News 1Forum attendees were well aware of the challenges facing them, and many foresaw a future where a few top-tier operators and content providers thrive, but mid-tier and smaller companies face increased difficulties. The large operators will adapt by putting more emphasis on broadband sales while cutting back on content spending, they believe.

“I see two scenarios. If the pay TV operators sit on their hands and do nothing, I am not optimistic about the future of the industry. However, if they use the tools that are available to them, then I’d be optimistic," one participant said.

Goals for pay TV in the next few years include re-inventing pay TV for younger consumers and re-thinking the place of aggregation services.

The report includes the chart above, which uses data compiled by Variety to show how well leading pay TV executives have done so far at adapting to changing conditions.

For more results, download "Key Takeaways From the Pay TV Innovation Forum's U.S. Seminar, August 2019" for free (registration required).

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