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Panopto Creates a New Way to View Video Files with 5.2 Update

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Panopto, an education and enterprise video platform company, has released a significant point upgrade with this week's Panopto 5.2 release. The big change this time is a reworking of how permissions are assigned and users view their files. Version 5.2 abandons the traditional top-down hierarchy, where an administrator creates folders and assigns permissions, in favor of a more modern personal view. Users now get their own private folder, a sandbox environment where they can create videos. From this central folder they can share videos or add them to workflows. Users see a personalizes view of the videos most relevant to them. The personal folder gives quick access to not only the users' own videos, but also videos that have been shared with them or that they've bookmarked. This approach mirrors the experience of using Dropbox or Google Drive, where users automatically get their own personal storage area.

The 5.2 release also includes a customizable video portal, where users will go to find relevant videos to view. This YouTube-style portal includes a drag-and-drop interface so users can arrange it how they like. To make video editing simple for everyone, Panopto has added a cloud-based video editor to this release. It works in any browser that supports HTML5, and it uses a simple WYSIWYG interface.

"As businesses and universities increasingly adopt video as a preferred medium for learning and communication, we’re always thinking about ways to make video even easier," Panopto wrote in a blog post about the update.

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