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Panopto 5.0 Turns iOS and Android Devices Into Remote Controls

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The education and enterprise video platform company Panopto has released a major update to its eponymous video capture and management system. Panopto 5.0 goes a long way in making the product more useful. The new remote control feature, for example, lets users turn any iOS or Android device into a remote. A presenter can take his or her position, preview images from all connected video feeds, and start a recording with a few taps. The idea is to make the system easier to use and reduce the need for support from the company or university's AV team.

"Just as you can control your GoPro, your TV, or even your thermostat from your mobile device, now you can control Panopto rooms," says Eric Burns, co-founder and CEO of Panopto. "With remote control , we’ve made it easy for people who aren’t AV professionals to make great recordings with studio-quality equipment."

Other additions to Panopto 5.0 include support for live broadcasting on Mac OS X, as well as multi-camera recording with up to three feeds; and the ability to pause and rewind live broadcasts. Windows users will appreciate that the Windows client has been redesigned, and now includes the ability to capture system audio and broadcast live multi-bitrate video.

Existing customers can get the 5.0 features at no additional cost. Scroll down for a preview of the remote control feature.

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