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Olympic Cloud and CDN Winners: Cedexis Awards Gold Medals

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The Olympics' Opening Ceremony isn't until tomorrow evening, but Cedexis is already awarding gold, silver, and bronze medals. The web performance optimization company collected data earlier this month from web delivery companies operating in Brazil to determine which will provide viewers with the strongest availability and the least latency. Cedexis used Real User Measurements (RUM) when collecting its data.

In the category of Best Latency of In-Region Cloud, a race run over seven days for performance within Brazil, gold went to Ecritel Sao Paulo, silver to AWS South America, and bronze to Azure Brazil. At the 50th percentile, Ecritel Sao Paulo had a latency of 61ms.

In Best Availability of In-Region Clouds, also a seven day race for users within Brazil, gold went to AWS South America, silver to Azure Brazil, and bronze to Ecritel Sao Paulo. AWS South America showed an availability rate of 97.887 percent.

For Best Availability Over Seven Days From Within Country, a contest of global CDN performance within Brazil, gold went to Fastly, silver to Akamai, and bronze to Edgecast. Fastly's availability rate was 98.078 percent.

Moving to the sprint categories, for Global CDN Sprint: Latency Over 60 Minutes for performance within Brazil, gold went to Akamai, silver to Highwinds, and bronze to Level3. At the 50th percentile, Akamai had a latency of 55ms.

Finally, in the Global CDN Sprint: Throughput High Jump, measured over 60 minutes for performance within Brazil, gold went to Akamai, silver to Highwinds, and bronze to Level3. At the 50th percentile, Akamai showed a throughput of 3.991kbps.

“The fact that Ecritel Sao Paulo has the best latency in the cloud category over Azure and Amazon is not surprising to us here," says Eric Butler, vice president of product at Cedexis. "In many cases, we see regions around the world where midsized cloud companies and CDNs have better performance than the global leaders. No CDN or cloud is the best everywhere for every network. This is a core truth of the internet and something that is borne out by the data.”

For more, see Cedexis's Brazil data for the same time period. Also, use Cedexis's reporting tool to find the top competitors in several countries.

The podium for Best Latency of In-Region Cloud

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