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New Streaming Stick, the Vudu Spark, Uncovered on FCC Website

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The public relations team at Vudu can't be too happy today. GigaOm noticed that an upcoming Vudu streaming stick, called the Spark, is available for view on the FCC website. While the product hasn't been released yet, anyone who's curious can see what it will look like and even read its manual.

The Vudu Spark isn't much of a Google Chromecast competitor, since it's only purpose is to link TVs with Vudu, the transactional video-on-demand service owned by Walmart. The Spark will come with a remote, since using it with a smartphone controller is probably too advanced for the target user.

A Vudu representative confirmed the development of the Spark to GigaOm, but didn't say when it will be available or how much it will cost. As shown on the FCC site, it looks finished and could be in stores this holiday season.

While others are betting that the limited-function Spark will still find plenty of buyers, thanks to Walmart's retail might, we think it's more likely intended to be a giveaway, something to bring households that lack set-top boxes into the streaming world. When the Chromecast is $35 and the Amazon Fire TV stick is $39, free is the only way a device this limited will make headway.

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