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New Invodo Player Offers More Customization

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One-size-fits-all video players are history with Invodo, which is today announcing its new standards-based, customizable player. Austin, Texas-based Invodo creates sales videos for e-commerce companies to help demonstrate products to online shoppers, then streams them to site viewers.

The new version of Invodo's InPlayer is written with HTML, Java, and CSS, and isn't a solid piece of Flash, the company stresses, as other video players are. While it shows Flash video, the player can easily be adapted to show any type of video. The people at Invodo have clearly seen the handwriting on the wall and are anticipating an Apple-led rush to HTML5 video. You can sample the new player here.

The new InPlayer is slightly smaller than the older version, measuring 40k rather than 65k. That's significant, says Invodo, because faster load times translates to better search engine rankings.

Some of the player's new features came from Invodo's customers. The company had requests for a player that would be able to display still photos, slideshows, 360-degree photos, and 360-degree videos, as well as standard video, so that customers could show various media types without needing a new player. The feature is part of the new InPlayer.

Invodo will begin rolling out the new player to customers this month. It will require minor coding changes on the customers' pages. Current clients include Toys R Us, Golfsmith, and Verizon. The company has over 100 clients total.

One crucial feature of the new InPlayer is that it will let Invodo add new abilities without requiring that customers embed a new player. A new bookends feature, where companies will be able to add pre- and post-roll-like messages in front of and after videos to publicize time-sensitive promotions, will be available by the end of April.

Invodo also plans to add A/B testing and video sharing features in the near future.

For customers, working with the new InPlayer won't require any additional fees. It will be included as part of Invodo's standard pricing plan.

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