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Netflix Releases Performance Data on Top ISPs

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When a company delivers millions of high-definition video streams around the country, it picks up some interesting performance data. Netflix decided to share that data today in a eyebrow-raising blog post.

In the post, written by Ken Florance, Netflix's director of content delivery, Florance explains that the company has compiled data on how well ISPs are best able to sustain high-capacity throughput.

"In the charts below, we're using a time-weighted bitrate metric to represent the effective data throughput our subscribers receive over many of the top ISPs," Florance wrote.

We're reproducing one of the charts here, showing U.S. ISP data. For the Canadian chart, visit the blog post.

The winners in the U.S. chart are Charter, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, Suddenlink, Cablevision, and Cable One, in roughly that order, which delivered the best sustained performance. CenturyTel, Frontier, and Clearwire, on the other hand, should think of an explanation for their customers.

The four Canadian ISPs charted by Netflix all achieved excellent results, with Shaw and Rogers delivering better throughput than any of the U.S. ISPs.

Netflix also made news recently with its impressive subscriber growth. It added 7.7 million subscribers in 2010, and now has a total membership of over 20 million subscribers.

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix's chief executive Reed Hastings and its chief financial officer David Well said, "Our huge subscriber growth, fueled by the excitement of watching instantly, impressed even us."

Netflix US Performance Data

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