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Netflix Announces Offline Downloading for iOS and Android Devices

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Subscription video-on-demand leader Netflix announced this morning that it now supports offline downloading for iOS and Android phones and tablets. To view the option, subscribers need to update their Netflix app. The app now includes a category called Available for Download that lists content viewable offline. This option is offered for all subscription plans.

Details are scarce, but the downloading option isn't limited to Netflix originals. The Available for Download section shows plenty of movies and series created by other studios. Netflix hasn't said whether or not it has download agreements in place with some studios, and if the coverage will expand over time. Not all Netflix originals are in the Available to Download category. As of this writing, none of the Marvel superhero series, such as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, are supported.

Subscribers can select two resolution options for their downloads, Standard and Higher. Netflix doesn't spell out the actual resolution for either. The company suggests downloading over Wi-Fi to avoid data charges.

Amazon Prime already offers offline downloading on mobile devices. In recent months, Netflix has softened its stance on the feature. The company is expanding into countries such as India where internet connectivity can be slow or spotty, and offline downloading means customers don't need to depend on a constant connection. 

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