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NAB Report: Sorenson Media Declares MP4 the King

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Sorenson Media has surveyed it user base (comprised of hundreds of thousands of video professionals) and arrived at a conclusion not likely to shock: the MP4 format is heavily in the lead. It's not the universal format yet, but it's getting there.

Of the respondents, 69 percent said they use MP4 regularly for online video and 58 percent use it regularly for mobile video.

They're not sticking to a single format, though: most respondents indicated streaming with more than one. For online video, 54 percent said they use Flash, 45 percent use QuickTime, and 34 percent use Windows Media. Only 5 percent use WebM.

The mobile space is less competitive, with MP4 running away with it. Only 16 percent of respondents use Flash for mobile, 16 percent use HTML5, 9 percent use Windows Media, and 3 percent use WebM.

The H.264 codec is likewise a winner: 78 percent said they use H.264 when encoding video.

"While some of the results confirmed what we knew about how video professionals approach their work in this increasingly complex online video world, others were enlightening, including how broad and varied the use cases and formats were across the board," says Peter Csathy, president and CEO of Sorenson Media.

Look for the full report at Sorenson's blog.

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