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NAB Report: Adobe Study Highlights Video Ad Effectiveness

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Now that Adobe is in the online video advertising business (remember, it bought Auditude in November, 2011, and unveiled Project Primetime, an end-to-end ad insertion and video streaming solution in February, 2012), it has released a study designed to increase ad effectiveness.

Called the 2012 Adobe Digital Video Advertising Report, it includes several findings designed to help advertisers get better results online. For example, while pre-roll ads are common in online video, Adobe's report finds that mid-roll video ads offer far better completion rates: 87 percent versus 67 percent for pre-rolls.

The study also finds that mobile video viewers are far more likely to complete watching a video than any other type of viewer: 94 percent of video ads on mobile devices are completed.

Likewise, ads in live sports also offer far better completion rates. Ads in live sports events are completed 85 percent of the time, compared to ads in video-on-demand content, which are only completed 62 percent of the time.

Viewers are more likely to complete video ads shown along with professional content: 72 percent of ads in premium content are completed, compared 63 percent with user-generated content.

Video ads in long-form content do better than ads in short-form content, and post-roll video ads are only completed 50 percent of the time.

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