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Mobile Video Views Continue to Climb, Now 56% of Global Starts

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Mobile devices counted for 56 percent of all video starts globally, notes the Ooyala Q4 2016 Global Video Index. That breaks down to 45 percent for phones, 44 percent for desktops, and 11 percent for tablets.

Mobile viewing is dominant in Asia-Pacific, Europe-Middle East, and Latin America. The only region computers are preferred is North America, where mobile counts for 49.9 percent of video starts. In North America, phones make up 39 percent of views and tablets 10 percent. Young people drive the trend in mobile viewing as 97 percent of U.S. millennials have a smartphone, far higher than any other age group.

"If you’re not offering all of your content on mobile devices, you’re likely missing the lion’s share of the market," Ooyala advises. "As more operators offer unlimited data and more consumers acquire smartphones and tablets—even older consumers—users will look first to mobile devices."

The trend in mobile viewing is actually accelerating. Ooyala finds 56 percent of global video starts were on mobile in November, with 58 percent in December. That suggests even bigger mobile growth coming in 2017, the report says. While previous mobile growth came from both phones and tablets, nearly all of mobile's Q4 growth came from phones.

Connected TVs are mostly used for long-form video, with 95.88 percent of TV views going to long-form. However, mobile devices are used for long-form, as well, with 47 percent of phone viewing time going to long-form content.

Download the Q4 2016 Global Video Index for more (registration required).

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