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Mobile Video Shakeout: Viddy Changes Name to Supernova

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First, the industry wondered if an Instagram for video could catch on. Then, multiple players entered the market aiming for social video success. Finally, two apps -- Vine and Instagram (now with video) -- emerged as the winners.

So where does that leave the competition? Viddy burned bright in 2012, with celebrity users and a giant valuation, but it wasn't able to hold onto its community. That's why the company is starting act II. Viddy the company is now rebranded as Supernova. The Viddy social video app still exists, and Supernova has launched new apps in an attempt to create the same viral buzz.

The first app, Clique, has actually been around for a few months but was recently upgraded to version 2. This social image app lets users create online communities with friends, family, or coworkers, then share images anonymously within that group. Users can mark up their images with text or graphics, and can respond to other people's images by marking them up, as well. Users can easily discard old threads so that no incriminating photos are around forever.

The second app, Epic, is built around sharing slow-motion videos. Users shoot two-second clips, which are then slowed to between four and eight seconds. Both apps sound like the kind of fun, curious experiences that could become huge hits, but as Supernova's employees know, app users are a fickle bunch.

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