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Mixpo Adds New Tools to Online Video Advertising Suite

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Online advertising company Mixpo has expanded its Dynamic Suite, a set of tools used by advertisers to adapt television campaigns for online use. The five new tools give advertisers more control over how their ads play and where they're seen.

The new tools include demographic targeting (letting advertisers deliver ads to viewers based on age and gender), day parting (serving different ads based on the time of day and week), message sequencing (serving ads in a given order, to tell a story or deliver more information over repeated viewings), real-time feeds (Flash overlays that deliver additional information, such as interest rates or news updates), and auto creative optimization (which rotates ads to automatically get the best performance).

"Historically, delivering dynamic messaging online has been very complex, but with our Dynamic Suite advertisers can develop impactful, in-banner video ads simply, quickly, and much more cost-effectively," says Anupam Gupta, president and CEO of Mixpo. "Now advertisers can combine display media scale and the power of dynamic creative to achieve reach, relevance, and response, ultimately removing the barriers for TV advertisers to move online."

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