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MediaPlatform Debuts Redesigned Enterprise Video Platform

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Enterprise webcasting and video management company MediaPlatform debuts its reimagined enterprise video platform today, appropriately called NextGen. Improvements to this version emphasize ease, simplicity, and reporting, while maintaining the reliability that has made the company a leader in enterprise video (according to Gartner's Magic Quadrant).

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NextGen includes a component called Broadcaster which succeeds Webcaster as MediaPlatform's live webcasting platform. The company notes that Broadcaster gives clients broadcast quality with simple controls and an improved user interface. Widget-based tools let the video producer add or resize on-screen elements, including videos, slides, images, text, and Q&As, which can appear in live events when needed. All controls are browser-based.

The Event Success Dashboard is a new component that improves feedback, providing analytics in real-time . A sentiment widget lets viewers use emoticons to indicate how they feel about what they're seeing. When an event is over, the producer can review sentiment scores and replay sections with significant positive or negative engagement.

With NextGen, MediaPlatform moves its platform to a cloud-native architecture, which should imporve performance, scalability, and elasticity, the company says. Going forward, the company will be able to speed feature development by using cloud services and container-based microservice technolgies. 

"Innovative enterprises are now doing what we call 'business broadcasting.' These are premium television-like broadcasts with high entertainment value and interactivity to keep employees at the edge of their screens," says Mike Newman, CEO of MediaPlatform. "With valuations increasingly tied to the acquisition and retention of top talent, enterprises want greater visibility into live webcasts and analytics that allow them to correlate attendee, network, and sentiment analytics with other business intelligence."

MediaPlatform's NextGen is available immediately. Pricing starts with a baseline fee and a price for the number of users, and can include optional modular features.

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