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Maker Studios to Buy Blip

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YouTube partner network Maker Studios is in talks to buy Blip, one of the pioneering online video networks. The terms of the not-yet-finalized deal aren't public, but AllThingsD reports that Maker will pay with a combination of stocks and cash, and that the deal should close early in September.

Maker has long been one of the leading partner studios on YouTube, but hasn't had much presence on the rest of the web. The latest comScore video rankings show Maker as the third largest YouTube partner channel, behind only Vevo and Fullscreen, with 28.6 million unique viewers in July watching 530.7 million videos. By acquiring Blip, it appears that Maker is looking for a larger online presence and more ways to generate revenue beyond what it can make on YouTube. Maker is also interested in Blip's proprietary video player, mobile and connected TV technology, and sales team.

Maker star PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg) has been in the news this week as his YouTube channel recently became with most-subscribed channel, overtaking Smosh, with over 12 million subscribers.

According to reports, Blip's CEO Kelly Day will step down from her role following the acquisition, but has been offered another job at the company.

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