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Limelight Releases Orchestrate 2.5, Focuses on Speed

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Limelight upgraded its Orchestrate digital presence platform to version 2.5 today, and this release is all about speed.

Orchestrate is a set of tools that let customers manage all of their audience-facing areas from one location. Version 2.5, the company claims, reduces visitor wait time by up to 88 percent.

To pull this off, Limelight improved four key areas. It improved caching by giving more flexibility to cache settings, letting customers maximize their cache-hit ratios. The result is that content will be closer to viewers, resulting in shorter waits and less buffering.

Limelight has optimized Orchestrate service from end to end, it says, streaming dynamic content up to eight times faster than CDNs that lack end-to-end service. It's also added front-end acceleration improvements that will speed load times on specific browsers and decrease the number of trips required for each request.

With this upgrade, Limelight is adding zero-time-to-publish for API uploads, meaning that uploaded videos are available for immediate playback. It's a good choice, Limelight says, for breaking news.

Prior to launch, Limelight tested version 2.5 with third parties, and found that visitor wait time was reduced by 88 percent. The CDN claims it delivers dynamic web content up to 45 percent faster than competitors.

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