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Lecture Capture Use Now at 79% Finds Kaltura Education Report

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The use of video lecture capture systems at colleges and universities is growing rapidly, finds the 2018 State of Video in Education report from Kaltura. Consider that in 2016, 65 percent of higher education institutions used a lecture capture solution. Today, 79 percent do. 

"Lecture capture is proven to be instrumental in improving learning results because it provides students with the ability to return to the lectures on video, search within the content, see the whiteboard or slides in sync with the lecture's progression, and take notes," says Dr. Michal Tsur, president and general manager of enterprise and learning at Kaltura. "It provides students with the peace of mind that they can attend classes without worrying about missing out while frantically summarizing."

But that isn't the only way video is entering the classroom. Students are preparing for a streaming future by creating video of their own. The report says 69 percent of students at all grade levels created video for assignments this year, up from 59 percent in 2017. 

Video isn't just a gimmick, but is delivering real benefits to students: 92 percent of educators say video improves student satisfaction with their learning experience, 84 percent say video has a positive impact on student achievements, 83 percent say it increases teacher-student collaboration and professional development, and 80 percent say video makes bringing in new students faster and easier.

Kaltura got its results by surveying over 1,500 education professionals, other staff, and students around the world online in April and May 2018. Download the free report for more results (registration required).

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