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Large Companies 60% More Likely to Stream Live Events: Kaltura

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Live event streaming is taking off with all types of businesses, but large companies are 60 percent more likely to live stream their corporate events. While live streaming was previously reserved for one or two high-profile events per year, the practice is now common at larger organizations, especially. That information comes from online video platform Kaltura's fifth annual State of Video in the Enterprise report, which is based on surveys with 650 employees conducted in September.

Kaltura found that 76 percent of large companies streamed at least one live event in the past year, 46 percent averaged at least one per month, and 27 percent streamed one per week.

Video in the office isn't limited to live events, however. The report says 98 percent of employees see video use in their office as holding steady or increasing. One popular use is training: 75 percent of those surveyed say video is used for internal development at their company. Kaltura notes that the use of video to train customers and other outside partners has increased by 24 percent in the last year. Respondents also see video has a useful tool, with 98 percent saying it increases communication and 98 percent saying it enables better and faster learning.

For more stats, download Kaltura's report for free (registration required).

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