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Kaltura TV Platform Gets Akamai Predictive Content Downloading

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Online video platform Kaltura and content delivery network Akamai are joining together to offer Akamai's Predictive Content Delivery to customers of the Kaltura TV Platform. The solution looks at consumers' viewing history to predict what they'd like to watch next, then downloads it automatically when on a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Kaltura is targeting Predictive Content Delivery to service providers and content providers, saying it will be on the market soon. The first customers to put it in place will be Asia-Pacific media companies.

Predictive Content Delivery is an opt-in feature, so consumers shouldn't worry about their phones and tablets being flooded with video if they don't want it. When enabled in a media app, the service will automatically download high-resolution video. It's meant to works seamlessly, so there are no notices when new content is downloaded. The amount of device storage used is configurable. Intelligent controls will also determine when content is deleted, holding onto content that's re-watched often.

Improvements to Predictive Content Delivery are already in the works, including storage optimization and parallel downloading advances, as well as digital rights management integrations.

This isn't the first time the two companies have partnered: Kaltura and Akamai have previously worked on analytics and CDN offerings. 

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