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Kaltura Releases V3 of Community Edition

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Two major pieces of news from open source video platform Kaltura. First, the company has released version 3.0 of its Community Edition, its free, community-supported online video platform (OVP). This upgrade adds cloud-deployment options, ad network integration, custom metadata, mobile delivery, and more.

The cloud-based deployment option means that publishers can now initiate an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance of Kaltura's platform. More on that in the second announcement, below.

The Community Edition now works with any ad network compatible with the VAST specification, and they can be integrated using a graphical interface. Publishers can now improve their search engine results by enhancing their metadata with custom fields.

Mobile delivery is a big highlight of Community Edition 3.0, as it includes H.264 and 3GP video transcoding optimized for mobile. That provides support for Nokia, Apple, Android, and BlackBerry phones.

This upgrade also adds an improved search tool with an integrated Sphinx full-text search engine and automatic code generation for developers using Kaltura's APIs.

"We are thrilled to freely share with the world exciting new features that we have developed, and are even more so proud of the unprecedented pace of innovation coming from our six-thousand strong global developer community," says Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura's chairman and CEO. 

Amazon Web Services
Kaltura is getting on board with the Amazon Web Services platform in a cloud, by releasing a new cloud-based version of the Kaltura Video Platform. This lets publishers initiate an Amazon EC2 instance of Kaltura's platform in 15 minutes.

Publishers using Amazon can decide whether to use Kaltura's free Community Edition 3.0 or the commercial Kaltura On-Prem software.

Using the company's pre-configured Amazon Machine Images, Kaltura says publishers can be up and running in under 15 minutes. Users can choose from running a single 32-bit server with 1 virtual core and 1.7GB of RAM up to multiple 64-bit servers with 8 virtual cores and 68GB of RAM each, with 1TB of Amazon's storage for each server.

"Amazon was an easy choice when looking for the right cloud-based solution to start with-now publishers can be up and running with a full video platform in minutes," says Dr. Shay David, Kaltura's vice president of business and community development.

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