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Juniper Introduces Media Flow Publisher for Multi-Screen Delivery

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Addressing the problem of multi-screen delivery for cable operators and IPTV providers, networking company Juniper Networks has unveiled Media Flow Publisher, an application that works with the company's Media Flow Controller content delivery and caching software. The application lets publishers deliver video to a variety of devices.

With the application in place, the Media Flow solution can handle stream segmentation, packaging, metadata publishing, and translation for adaptive bitrate streaming. This lets companies avoid deploying specialized encoders and servers to handle the same tasks.

Media Flow Publisher supports the adaptive streaming formats used by Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft, and can convert content between these formats. It can also support up to five times the scale of traditional adaptive streaming encoders.

"Delivering content to multiple devices over the Internet or unmanaged networks requires a different approach than that of traditional TV and VOD," said Rajan Raghavan, vice president and general manager for Juniper Networks' Content and Media business unit. "By consolidating the publishing and delivery of multiple adaptive streaming formats on a single platform, Media Flow Publisher lowers costs and enables our customers to more efficiently deliver content to multiple screens."

The Media Flow Publisher application is available now. Visit the company's Media Flow Controller page for more information.

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