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July Video Rankings: Rise in Content Videos, Tapering of Ads

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Online measurement company comScore released its U.S. video rankings for July today, and the results show a continuation of the healthy market seen in June, with a rise in content video views and a slight decline in video ads.

ComScore measures desktop and notebook views for standard website video (subscription services aren't included). In July, the number of unique U.S. viewers grew to 187.4 million, up from 183.3 million the month before. Those viewers watched 48.5 billion videos, averaging 1,353.8 minutes per viewer. In this report, comScore noted that long-form videos, such as hour-long TV shows, that have ad breaks in the middle are counted as multiple streams. That means the rise in long-form content is inflating comScore's results more than some people might realize.

Video ads had an amazing run in June, growing to 20.1 billion streams. In July, the ad market tapered back just a little, with 19.6 billion ads streamed. Perhaps the video ad leaders were too busy with IPOs and acquisitions to serve more ads. Online video ads reached 55.4 percent of the total U.S. population. Viewers averaged 114.3 ads for the month. While Google sites served the most video ads, BrightRoll and Adap.TV ads had far longer durations, with over 1 billion minutes each.

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