Inxpo Delivers New Version of Social Business TV Platform

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Business communications software company Inxpo today released the latest version of its Social Business TV platform, which lets companies webcast to audiences inside and outside the firewall.

The platform is heavy on social features, such as polls, trivia, group chat, and surveys. The idea, the company says, is that audiences that regularly touch the keyboard throughout a webcast are more likely to be engaged. The social tools let members of the audience communicate with each other, so they can clarify what they're hearing, the company says. The platform even integrates with other social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer, Jive, and Salesforce Chatter.

The Social Business TV platform has the look of standard television, so content is organized by channels and programs. The idea is that viewers will immediately know how to navigate the area and will feel more at home. Pricing for the platform is by channel, not by webcast. Customers can serve unlimited webcasts per channel. By pricing service this way, the company says customers won't be burdened with higher prices simply because a webcast gets popular.

"Sitting at a computer exposes the audience to many distractions thereby making the receipt, understanding, and retention of the message challenging," says Malcolm Lotzof, CEO of INXPO. "That's a problem in an age where more than 46 million people worldwide work remotely and where employees, customers and partners are just as likely to be across the globe as they are to be right next door."

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