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Interactive Connected TV Ads Lead to Dramatic Lift in Engagement

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Connected TV had a strong 2018, as viewers warmed to the idea of streaming premium on-demand programming to the biggest screen in the house. According to the 2018 Global Video Benchmarks report issued today by video advertising platform Innovid CTV spots comprised 28% of all the video ads it served in 2018, up from 17% the year before. CTV placements were included in 68% of the campaigns Innovid delivered last year.

News 1For advertisers, CTV is attractive since ads can't be skipped and take up the whole screen. Innovid's report finds that many are using the opportunity to do more than just run standard 30-second commercials. It saw a rise in advanced creative units designed to create greater engagement with the viewer. On broadcast TV content, interactive ads drove a 6x increase in engagement compared to standard pre-rolls.

For an example of interactive CTV ads, look to the Pringles 2019 Super Bowl campaigns Innovid ran. One version let viewers scan an onscreen QR code to buy the chips. A second version dynamically added the name of the viewer's city and let them swipe their remote to see different flavor combinations. The first version led to 0.6% of viewers making an online purchase, while the second had a 6.4% engagement rate, with engaged households swiping an average of 6 times.

"With CTV engagement ads, brands get an actual metric that shows a deliberate action was taken by a viewer for a specific ad, which is a true sign for attention granted and even specific intention for interest," explains Tal Chalozin, CTO and co-founder at Innovid. "This is a big step forward for the power of TV advertising.”

Innovid also saw strong rises in companies using data to deliver personalized video experiences, and the use short video ads (under 10 seconds) for mobile viewers.

The report's data comes from all campaigns run by Innovid in the 2018 calendar year, representing 100 billion impressions. Download the full report for more findings (registration required).

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