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IPTV Field is Growing, Report Finds

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Business is good in the IPTV area, according to a report entitled Global IPTV Market Leaders Report, put together by Multimedia Research Group (MRG). The report finds that the number of IPTV operators has increased by 22 since the second quarter of 2010, with a growth rate for global IPTV operators of over 10 new entrants per quarter. About half of those are in North America.

The previous year saw an unprecedented number of acquisitions-20 key IPTV venders-and so the report predicts that the industry is set for even greater growth. Of the 10 reported financial transactions, the total value was $1.95 billion USD. That number would be well over $2 billion USD, if the other ten were reported. 

In 2011, IPTV vendors and service providers will start to embrace over-the-top (OTT) video services, the report predicts, as well as other online services.

The report didn't find any changes in the number 1 ranked IPTV market leaders in the six segments that it covers. Asia, however, saw several changes to leaders, as several providers in China and South Korea saw large subscriber growth. 

"Some smaller telcos are looking at unmanaged OTT or hybrid OTT (including digital satellite or digital terrestrial plus OTT) to provide video services," says Jose Alvear, MRG IPTV analyst. "It is yet to be determined how widespread the move to OTT really is, and how much it impacts new operator trials and strategies."

The full 107-page report is for sale for $3,995 USD for a printed copy or $5,200 USD for a PDF format departmental license. It's also free to subscribers of MRG's IPTV tracking service.

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