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Harmonic Works With NASA to Create Ultra High-Def NASA TV Channel

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The video delivery infrastructure company Harmonic announced today that it's working with NASA to power NASA TV UHD, a new venture by the agency that will offer eight programs full of gorgeous ultra high-definition 2160p60 video shot in space. For the time being, access to the channel will be limited.

NASA long ago created NASA-TV, which StreamingMedia.com profiled in September. The three channels that make up NASA-TV stream online on NASA's site. The new NASA TV UHD is a more consumer-oriented release. At the moment, access is limited to those with a compliant satellite dish as well as the hardware and software to decode and play 4K video. Harmonic has created a PDF with access information. NASA and Harmonic hope to have the channel online in the near future, and are talking to pay TV operators about carrying it.

NASA TV UHD offers eight shows that should please space exploration fans. They include ISS Life, showing how astronauts live on the space station; Solar System, with lush imagery from space; Deep Space, which animates detailed images from the Hubble telescope; and Mars, which is entirely about exploring the red planet.

Harmonic provides the end-to-end distribution system, including encoding, storage, and media serving. Watch the video below for a preview of NASA TV UHD programming.

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