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Haivision Acquires LightFlow Media From Epic Labs, Gains AI

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Video streaming tech company Haivision announced it has acquired LightFlow Media, a media optimization company, from Epic Labs. It isn't disclosing the terms of the sale. By taking LightFlow, Haivision gains artificial intelligence and machine learning systems that it will use to create content-aware video encoding solutions, as well as tools for content indexing, object detection, and low-latency live and on-demand distribution.

News 1Haivision gains two software-as-a-service (Saas) offerings with its acquisition: LightFlow DeepEye (which uses AI for content-aware encoding) and LightFlow WisePath (which uses AI to assist with multi-CDN workflows). Look for DeepEye to improve Haivision's Makito X video encoders and WisePath to enhance cloud routing in Haivision's SRT Hub.

Along with the technology, Haivision also gains LightFlow's team. Haivision CTO Mahmoud Al-Daccak made it clear which is more important:

"Any acquisition is primarily about the team, their expertise, and a shared vision," Al-Daccak said. "The LightFlow team has delivered significant advances in AI as applied to video encoding and video streaming, as exposed in their current product offerings. They also have fueled advances in player technology, being members of the DASH Industry Forum and lead contributors to the dash.js player implementation."

LightFlow Media will maintain its office in Madrid, Spain. Haivision is based in Montreal, Canada, with U.S. offices in Chicago, Austin, and Portland, and a German office in Hamburg.

Photo: Haivision meets LightFlow team. Alfonso Peletier, founder and CEO of Epic Labs is sixth from the left, and Miguel Serrano, CEO of LightFlow, is fourth from the right. For Haivision, Mahmoud Al-Daccak, CTO, is sixth from the right (crouching) and Mirko Wicha, CEO, is third from the right. 

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