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Game Consoles Primary Method for Accessing OTT Video: Report

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While set-top boxes get all the attention, game consoles are still the primary method that most U.S. households use to view streaming content in the living room. That comes from a Parks Associates report entitled Connected Game Consoles, that finds 46 percent of U.S. broadband-enabled homes have a game console connected to the internet, and 28 percent use that console at their primary method for streaming content.

Of those who primarily use a game console, approximately three-quarters use it to access non-gaming content weekly. Additionally, almost 40 percent use it to stream more than 10 hours of content each week.

The report finds that two-thirds of broadband-enabled homes have a TV streaming device. After consoles, the next most popular way to stream video is with a connected TV. That's followed by set-top boxes and then connected Blu-ray Players.

One curious find: Households that have multiple streaming devices are less likely to use a game console as their primary option.

Households with children nearly always have a game console (80 percent). The Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox each have 35 percent of the U.S. market, Parks finds, while the Sony PlayStation has 27 percent.

The full report, Connected Gaming Consoles, sells for $5,000.

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