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Forrester Report on Enterprise Video Platforms Praises Kaltura

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Forrester Research has released a report on enterprise video platforms, and the results are favorable for Kaltura.

The report, "The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Video Platforms and Webcasting, Q1, 2015," identifies the 16 most significant players in the space and evaluates them on 24 criteria. "This report details our findings about how well each vendor fulfills our criteria and where they stand in relation to each other to help organizations select the right video publishing or presentation solution for marketing, corporate communications, and training," the company's description says.

The report includes enterprise video platform wave analyses for webcasting, portals, and combined webcasting and portals. In the combined category, shown here, six vendors scored in the Leader category, with Kaltura taking the top spot. It rated highest with both the strength of its current offering and its strategy, and commands a large market presence. Kaltura also topped the portals category, and was one of the top vendors in the webcasting category.

“Kaltura has the most complete set of applications," the report says. “With its modular approach, strong support for APIs, and large number of technology integrations, Kaltura is closest to being the one video platform that can do it all.”

MediaPlatform, also a top finisher, notes that the report included its PrimeTime video portal as among those with "excellent features for video content management, uploading and encoding, and workflow."

The full report sells for $2,495.

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