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For HD TV and Blu-Ray Streaming, Samsung Signs with Giraffic

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Streaming high-definition video to viewers is a challenge in places where broadband connection speeds aren't strong, so Samsung is working with Giraffic to speed content delivery to its 2014 line of connected TVs and Blu-ray Players.

Samsung will use Giraffic's Adaptive Video Accelerator technology, which promises to nearly eliminate re-buffering over any connection. Tel Aviv, Israel-based Giraffic says that over-the-top and video-on-demand companies can use the technology for HTTP-based playback and downloads.

Giraffic's Adaptive Video Accelerator is client-side software that doesn't require a server-side integration and works with any content source. It simplifies streaming by accelerating video delivery without the need for integration with the content provider.

The solution is able to pull off this acceleration by analyzing throughput conditions and maximizing TCP bandwidth use, says Giraffic. The Adaptive Video Accelerator technology manages both the HTTP video download and the playback, itself, solving problems of buffering, poor resolutions, and inconsistent quality, the company says.

“With Giraffic’s Adaptive Video Accelerator, Samsung’s customers can now enjoy a differentiated experience with their favorite online video applications at the highest quality available,” says Giraffic CEO and founder Yoel Zanger.

Samsung 2014 connected TVs and Blu-ray Players with Giraffic's Adaptive Video Accelerator technology are available now.

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