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Facebook Begins Rolling Out Live Video Streaming to iOS Users

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When Facebook started offering live video streaming to celebs back in August, it was obvious the social network would eventually roll out the same feature to the rest of its members. That rollout has now begun. Facebook announced via blog post that a small number of iPhone users in the United States now have the ability to stream live video to their friends. This feature, which is akin to what Periscope and Meerkat offer, is still in a testing phase so Facebook is taking it slowly. Those with the feature need only tap Update Status, then choose the Live Video symbol. When broadcasting, they'll see the names of viewers and their comments in real-time.

When Facebook members are done shooting a video, it lives on in their Timeline, although they have the option to delete it if they want. Anyone watching a live video can click Subscribe to get notified when that person streams video in the future.

Facebook didn't say when it plans on expanding the live video trial. However, some iOS and Android users can now see the new sharing screens Facebook is testing. When they click "What's on your mind?" at the top of the newsfeed, they'll call up a new drop down menu of sharing options, one of which is Photo/Video. The design allows Facebook to add new options in the future.

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