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Facebook Announces International Expansion of Collaboration Tool

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Facebook announced earlier today that it is expanded access to its Brand Collabs Manager tool, which is now available to creators in over 40 countries. Using it, advertisers can find the right creators for branded content partnerships.

"Brand Collabs Manager is a new platform that allows advertisers to find and reach out to creators for branded content opportunities on Facebook," explains Kate Orseth, video product manager at Facebook. "Creators can create a profile showcasing past work and audience and brands can find the creators that best match their campaigns and reach out to initiate a partnership. Brands can also post RFPs for creators. Once a brand and creator have partnered on branded content, they can track and optimize the performance of their partnership through the new post campaign insights on Brand Collabs Manager."

The requirements for using Brand Collabs Manager are high: Participants need 1,000 followers plus at least one of the following over the previous 2 months: 15,000 engagements on posts, 180,000 minutes viewed, or 30,000 views that are 3 minutes or more.

The social network also announced a visualization tool called Traffic Source insights coming to Creator Studio in the following weeks. With it, publishers and creators will get a quick view on their recommendations, shares, followers, and likes. They'll be able to see aggregated numbers or zoom in on top videos in a given time range. Studying the numbers can help improve performance, Facebook said in a blog post.

"If creators know what followers like, they can create more content that speaks to their loyal audience," Orseth explains. "For shares, it’s about growing creators’ audiences and for recommended it’s about understanding the content that gets recommended. Paid helps creators understand how many views they are getting from boosting posts."

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