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Encoding.com Mixes On-Prem and Cloud With Hybrid Offering

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Encode video files on-premises or in the cloud? Why not both, asks Encoding.com. In a pre-NAB announcement, the cloud encoding company introduced HybridCloud, a new service that lets content owners seamlessly combine both types of processing.

With a hybrid model, Encoding.com says customers get the best of both worlds. They can process large files internally while handing off processing to the cloud in times of peak demand. By keeping high-value larger files in-house, content owners save on transport costs and lower security risks.

HybridCloud makes use of a job orchestration layer that sits in the cloud and manages computing resources. When needed, it hands off encoding to one of the company's 11 MPAA-certified processing centers. Encoding.com promises the solution can scale to meet high demand in real-time, and offers a flexible API that works with most existing media management workflows.

"To date, Encoding.com has primarily managed public compute resources," explains Gregg Heil, Encoding.com's CEO. "The HybridCloud solution now supports managing compute resources and encoding software within a customer's on-premises infrastructure. Encoding.com will remotely install and manage encoding software within any of the popular virtualization layers: OpenStack, Joynet, VMWare, and so on. A customer can register compute resources within their Encoding.com account and decide on custom job routing and failover logic. All job orchestration is handled as a API-based cloud service and can direct jobs to one or more customer-operated private clouds and 11 global public cloud locations, as well as automatic overflow from private to public clouds. "

Encoding.com will show its hybrid solution at the upcoming NAB conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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