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Encoding.com Intros Instant Encoding, Speeds Cloud Video Service

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Working in the cloud might be a convenient way for many companies to off-site their encoding needs, but many others won't touch it because of the extra time involved in uploading large files. The people at cloud-service Encoding.com know this, which is why they're introducing Instant Encoding today.

With Instant Encoding, the service begin transcoding files as they download. Citing tests run during the feature's beta test period, Encoding.com says speed improved by 30 to 100 percent with Instant Encoding.

"With Instant Encoding, our cloud is now your data center," says Encoding.com president Jeff Malkin.

In some cases, the company says--especially with large videos--encoding is complete by the time the file is finished downloading.

Encoding.com is hoping these speed improvements, which reduce the time benefit of in-house encoding, will entice many companies to move to a purely cloud-based workflow. Instant Encoding is a free improvement and can be added to workflows with the addition of a simple API call.

"Instant Encoding now renders hybrid on-premise solutions obsolete," says Malkin 

"We've tackled the biggest challenge facing cloud-based encoding providers, which is the speed of the overall process including moving source videos to the cloud," says Gregg Heil, CEO of Encoding.com. "With 1,600 customers, Encoding.com has already proven the benefits of our cloud-based, SaaS approach to video encoding. With Instant Encoding, it's now a no-brainer."   

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