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Elemental Will Stream Olympics on Four Continents

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The opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games in London might still be two months away, but Portland, Oregon-based video processing company Elemental Technologies is announcing that it will be a part of the action for millions of viewers. Fresh off wins in streaming major sports events such as the Rugby World Cup and the Pan American Games, Elemental has been chosen by four broadcasters to provide multiscreen delivery.

Elemental notes that it will stream live and on-demand Olympic video to multiple devices in the U.K, Canada, Japan, and Latin America (to 17 countries). It's working with Terra Networks in Latin America. While it hasn't mentioned the other clients, each geographical location has only one Olympic broadcaster so that points to contracts with BBC/Sky Sports in the U.K., CTV in Canada, and NHK in Japan.

During the games, Elemental will use Elemental Live to input live streams and customize them for multiscreen delivery. It will also use Elemental Server to manage file-based video-on-demand highlights for events that have already taken place.

Besides the geographically-restricted streams, Elemental will work with Deltatre to put non-restricted live streams online for desktops and mobile devices.

"I would say that the scope of the wins that we've had associated with the Olympics is testament to the gradual validation that we've had over the past year in terms of live streaming. We're humbled that the broadcasters that have rights in the various countries trust us enough to stream their multiscreen coverage of the Olympic Games," says Keith Wymbs, vice president of marketing for Elemental. "I think this is going to be the landmark event in the history of live streaming."

April 12: updated with partner information.

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