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Elemental Builds on Amazon’s GPU Computer Clusters

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On Monday of this week, Amazon Web Services announced Amazon Cluster GPU Instances, a new instance type that offers the power of GPU (graphics processing unit) processing-in-the-cloud service. Today, Elemental Technologies has announced that it will leverage Amazon Cluster GPU Instances with its Elemental Accelerated Cloud Transcoding (Elemental ACT) family of services.

In a tiered cloud services offering, Elemental ACT will offers customers a range of options for accelerating video conversion with Amazon Web Services.

Elemental's video processing software is optimized to run on massively parallel GPU architecture. The software supports a range of codecs and formats, as well as adaptive bit rate protocols from Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft. By using GPUs in the cloud, Elemental's software allows customer to output to adaptive bit rate, multi-format video applications.

"The availability of high-performance graphics processors with Amazon GPU Instances allows us to implement scalable and efficient video processing in the cloud," says Sam Blackman, CEO and co-founder of Elemental. "Running Elemental ACT services on Amazon Cluster GPU Instances will give our customers maximum speed, flexibility, and price-performance in creating video content targeted to multiple screens and devices."

Elemental ACT will be available in tiers, with options that include CDN delivery, geographic selection, back-up, overflow capacity, and physical box replacement. The company will begin a beta program in early 2011. Interested parties should apply at the Elemental ACT page.

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Thurs., Nov. 12, by Tim Siglin