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Educators See Potential in AI for Creating Personalized Lessons

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While few educational institutions currently use artificial intelligence (AI) to serve their students, a survey from video capture specialist Sonic Foundry shows that educators see its potential.

When asked how they are currently using AI, 26 percent said in lecture capture or cataloging, 26 percent said research, and 30 percent said in IT security. While AI use is low, respondents see a strong potential: 64 percent see it improving services or the student experience, 60 percent see it personalizing learning, and 59 percent say it can enhance teaching.

Sonic Foundry refers to AI-driven personalization as "the Netflix model," and says there's a strong potential for AI to improve learning by suggesting relevant videos and building video playlists.

“Using AI to enhance education and personalize information flow has enormous potential. Schools can learn a lot from the Netflix model of learning," believes Rob Lipps, executive vice president at Sonic Foundry. "The more you use Netflix, the smarter it gets about personal preferences, making informed decisions about what you should watch. The future of learning will consider student preferences like how and when they want to learn and on what device."

Educators also say that adding more personalized instruction will lead to better retention of material and higher graduation rates.

Sonic Foundry and University Business surveyed over 300 leaders in higher education to get the data. The full survey results are available online (no registration required).

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Mon., July 7, by Bill Greenwood