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Dish Becomes First Pay U.S. Pay TV Company to Add Netflix

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Dish subscribers no longer need a set-top box to access Netflix content. Yesterday, Dish became the first major pay TV service in the U.S. to integrate Netflix. As long as households subscribe to both services and use a second-generation Hopper DVR, they can access and stream Netflix with no additional hardware. The Netflix option rolled out to customers automatically.

For Dish, the move means that customers will stay on their Hopper DVRs longer, since they no longer need to switch TV inputs and use another device. For Netflix, it means access to a new group of potential subscribers, people who may opt for a Netflix subscription now that doing so doesn't require buying and connecting another device.

To access Netflix content, Dish customers will need to click the blue button on their Dish remotes and select the Netflix button on the screen. They can also click the Netflix icon from the Hopper's main menu. New customers can create an account through their Hopper. Dish says they'll view the same Netflix interface that other platforms get.

Dish has plans to roll out Netflix access to other devices in the coming months. Joey, Super Joey, and Wireless Joey clients will all get Netflix access. Dish also suggested that it might integrate Netflix titles into the search functionality on the Hopper and its upcoming OTT bundle service.

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