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DirecTV Makes NFL Sunday Ticket Online-Only Streaming Easier

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A bit of cautious good news for football fans: DirecTV is making it easier for non-subscribers to sign up for its NFL Sunday Ticket offering, allowing for streaming access to out-of-market football games. It's not available for everyone, however, just those who live in apartment buildings or dorms that can't get DirecTV's standard satellite service. A simple address check on the promotion page lets people know if they're eligible. The satellite provider is also allowing game console subscriptions for living room viewing.

The streaming-only plan isn't strictly new, but it was a hidden option before, only available to those who could prove they couldn't get satellite. Now it's more visible, and DirecTV has added console access.

Subscribers can choose from three packages. The $199 package offers computer, smartphone, or tablet access. The $239 package offers game console access (but doesn't include computer or mobile access). Finally, the $329 Max package includes all streaming options, as well as the Red Zone channel (for every score from every game) and the Fantasy Zone (for fantasy football roster highlights).

It appears that streaming the video from a mobile device to a TV via Chromecast or an Apple TV won't be possible.

With live sports being one of the main reasons people keep pay TV subscriptions this could be a win for cord-cutters, but only if they live in apartment buildings. 

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