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Digitalsmiths Adds Custom Search Results and Recommendations Tool

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Video metadata specialist Digitalsmiths today adds the Business Rules Engine to its Seamless Discovery platform, giving content providers control over the search results and recommendations that customers see. Using the Business Rules Engine, content providers can run personalized promotions that target specific groups of customers.

The Business Rules Engine works by letting content providers create, test, and apply rules that work across the Seamless Discover platform. Users can test rules in a sandbox environment before making them live, previewing the results ahead of time.

The engine includes a reporting console that offers a real-time view on the results. Users can see the results on consumer sales and make adjustments as needed.

Content providers can create rules based on consumer preferences, subscription levels, location, time of day or year, and more. These rules let the providers deliver targeted recommendations and search results in order to drive sales or cross-sell or up-sell the customer.

Digitalsmiths suggests that the Business Rules Engine could be used by premium channels to recommend an ultimate fighting pay-per-view to viewers of an ultimate fighting TV show, to recommend specific movies to viewers who are fans of the stars of those movies, or to promote a new series to viewers who have watched similar series.

Those interested can get a first-look at the Business Rules Engine at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam. 

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