Dialogic and VoipSwitch Create Open Videoconferencing, iOS App

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Communications company Dialogic has partnered with VoipSwitch, a subsidiary of Voiceserve, to create an open-standards mobile videoconferencing system. The first results of the partnership, the Vipple Video Softphone app and the Dialogic app, are now available in the iTunes Store. An Android version is coming soon, says Alex Mushkin, a product marketing manager for Dialogic.

Noting that most video communication tools are built using proprietary technology, the two companies chose to pool their resources and prove that open standards work for mobile videoconferencing. The results allow for SIP- (session initiation protocol) based video calling using off-the-shelf smartphone video client applications.

The video solution incorporates VoipSwitch's Vippie SIP-based smartphone voice calling app with the Dialogic BorderNet 500 Gateway, which lets clients make Internet calls from anywhere.

Mushkin sees the result as disruptive technology that will show individuals and businesses that mobile videoconferencing can be done without proprietary vendors.

The Dialogic app and the Vipple Video Softphone app each sell for $14.99. User reviews, as of this writing, aren't positive. Mushkin says that the apps in the store are beta tests, although they still carry steep price tags.

The experiment, however, isn't meant to be a final product, but a jumping off point for other developers who appreciate the open standards approach.

Dialogic is now working on Flash-based plug-ins for the system, says Mushkin, which will greatly expand its features.

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