Dialogic Intros VisionVideo, Measures Mobile Video Quality

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Mobile video use is growing fast, but how can broadcasters be sure their customers are getting strong video quality? Communications company Dialogic today announces the Dialogic VisionVideo Software Solution, which measures video quality at several places in the pipeline, including on the end-user's device.

"The Dialogic VisionVideo Software Solution is focused on trying to increase revenue and retain customers by giving operators and companies that deliver mobile video information on the perceptual quality as seen by the subscriber," says Bob Logan, director of Dialogic.

Companies are finding their customers will pay more for higher video quality, so Dialogic's product is designed to keep those paying customers happy. Rather than just recording network statistics, VisionVideo captures the image itself so that companies can note exactly when the image degrades (if that's the case). The solution can even be built into a mobile app, so that it captures the final image exactly as it displays on the user's screen.

VisionVideo doesn't provide a solution for poor quality video, but only reports what it finds. Logan notes that it can be tied to other services, for companies that want to create a system for improving video quality in real-time.

The product has been operation for several months, but Dialogic held the announcement until it had customers using it. MobiTV has signed on as the first paying customer. Dialogic will announce a second customer in late February, 2012, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

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