Dailymotion Introduces Syndication Model

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Video sharing site Dailymotion aims to increase viewership and revenue with a syndication program introduced yesterday. The offering lets site owners embed videos or lists of videos into their pages, while content contributors can earn additional advertising revenue. Dailymotion has a library of over 20 million videos, including 4 million premium videos, most of which have been cleared to work with the syndication program (Dailymotion couldn't provide us with an exact number). Contributing content partners for the syndication program include TED, Electronic Arts, Bloomberg, Fox Sports Interactive, and Activision.

Dailymotion has posted an overview of the model on its site. Site owners can use embed codes to post individual videos, use widgets to embed lists of videos, or use an API to include full search, playback, and playlist functionality into their pages or apps. Site owners and content owners who want to take part in the syndication offering need to apply first.

Dailymotion will serve advertising on the syndicated videos, but isn't disclosing how that revenue will be split between the content owner, host site, and Dailymotion itself. On the website, Dailymotion emphasizes that site owners can sell ads on their pages around the embedded videos, creating revenue that way.

"Dailymotion's new commercial model creates a virtuous circle for the online video industry. Publishers are incentivized to widen the distribution of our player, which increases the revenue for them, us, and content owners, whilst advertisers can confidently reach even greater global audiences," says Luc Dumont, senior vice president of international development at Dailymotion.

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