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Conviva Debuts Solution for Smoother Ad Streaming

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Conviva announced its latest offering, Video AdVantage, at the Elevate online video advertising summit in New York City yesterday. With pre-roll video ads now common on premium content, Video AdVantage is arriving at the right time. The solution applies Conviva's video optimization technology to ads, ensuring smoother playback and a better viewer experience.

Conviva is known for its predictive technology, which looks for trouble spots in a video stream and adjusts for them ahead of time. Video AdVantage makes sure that video ads stream smoothly, and that there's a smooth transition between ad and content, as well.

Conviva's CEO Darren Feher took to the stage during the conference to talk about the harms of poor ad playback and why his company is best suited to correct the problem.

"We're simply about the delivering the best quality connected experience online," Feher said.

The problem of poor ad performance goes beyond choppy playback, Feher stated. A half-billion online video ads per month don't properly hold the viewer's attention. Viewers, unlike content owners, don't see the distinction between content and ads, and expect the entire viewing experience to be seamless, he said.

When viewers suffer through poor ad playback, Feher added, they watch 40 percent less content overall. Problems occurring early in a viewing session compound the hurt, as viewers are more likely to tune out.

Feher spotlighted four areas where ad performance can suffer. Some ads fail to play properly and some are of lower resolution than the surrounding video. Ads with low engagement rates should be replaced immediately, he said, and ads should better match the content that they're paired with.

"If you are unable to predict and act before quality of experience problems have an impact on your audience, video view times, and ad completions, you are wasting valuable ad dollars," said Feher,

Scroll down to see a video of Feher at the Elevate conference.

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