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Conviva Breaks into TV Everywhere with Subscriber Extension

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Innovative video optimization company Conviva is jumping into the growing TV Everywhere market today with the announcement of Subscriber Xtension, a service that authenticates and optimizes playback.

Combining several Conviva technologies-such as Conviva Insights, Conviva Distribution Management Services, and Conviva Experience Management Services-and adding the new Access Control Service, Subscriber Xtension is meant to be a full-service solution, handling everything from subscriber sign-on to playback of high-quality video.

Conviva is known for optimizing online video, determining what needs to be done to a stream before quality suffers, and it brings that same monitoring here. Working on a subscriber level, Conviva Insights checks the experience each viewer is having, as well as the audience as a whole. Conviva Distribution Management Services and Conviva Experience Management Services adjust streaming quality as needed to deliver a buffer-free experience.

"TV Everywhere allows content owners to extend the relationship they already have with subscribers onto digital platforms in a personalized way," says Conviva's CEO Darren Feher. "To do that, it is critical that authentication and content access is seamless and secure, and that every viewer has a high quality viewing experience on every size screen and from every type of network. Subscriber Xtension provides all the tools necessary to monitor each viewer and automatically optimize each and every stream in real time."

Conviva's Insights, DMS, and EMS services are being used by HBO for its recently launched HBO Go service.

"Partnering with Conviva, who has the audience-centric technology and expertise we need, makes perfect sense for us when it comes to HBO Go." says Greg Fittinghoff, HBO's senior vice president for corporate systems and infrastructure.

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