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Conviva Branches Into Social Video With Delmondo Acquisition

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Conviva announced that it's acquiring Delmondo, which means the video performance measurement specialist is now able to track social network plays, as well, giving clients a wider view of their online video performance. Delmondo specializes in measuring social video on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Conviva isn't revealing the purchase price, but the deal was a mix of cash and stock. Delmondo will now be known as Conviva Social Insights, and the team from Delmondo (about a dozen people) will work out of Conviva's New York City office. This puts Conviva's total staff at around 250. Delmondo founder and CEO Nick Cicero will become a vice president in charge of Conviva Social Insights.

"We do share a handful of mutual customers such as Turner, Fox, and WWE who are excited by this deal," said Conviva CEO Bill Demas.

Conviva Social Insights offers four key features: it lets publishers aggregate audience data from multiple social platforms to understand who's watching, aggregate consumption data form multiple platforms to know what content is performing well, gain competitive intelligence from social platforms, and make informed decisions on where to invest resources.

"With Conviva Social Insights complementing Conviva’s Video AI Platform, streaming TV publishers can build a unified view of video consumption and audience data across streaming TV apps, the web, and social media," Cicero said in a statement. "This 360 degree view will reveal the true drivers of the viewer journey and inform a publisher’s distribution strategy across social platforms."

This deal dates back to NAB 2018, when executives from each company first met. After many conversations, Conviva decided acquiring Delmondo was an ideal fit. The deal was solidified earlier this month.

"Our acquisition of Delmondo exemplifies the growth and continuous improvement of our offerings for streaming TV providers, rather than pointing to a new direction for Conviva. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ access to real-time intelligence, and social media monitoring was a gap we identified and wanted to fill quickly," Demas said. "Thanks to insights from customers that already used both the Conviva and Delmondo platforms today, it was apparent that the combination of the two platforms would be tremendously valuable. We are committed to building an end-to-end intelligence suite for our streaming TV customers."

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