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Cisco Will Acquire 1 Mainstream, Gaining OTT Video Services

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Cisco announced today via blog post that it will acquire 1 Mainstream, a privately-held company that's created a cloud-based video platform. Cisco wants the technology to help pay TV providers launch over-the-top live and on-demand video offerings that play on a variety of devices. Cisco didn't divulge the terms of the deal, but said it expects to close in the second quarter of its current fiscal year.

"1 Mainstream plays a key role in the OTT pay TV and media industry, sitting at the intersection between content and connected devices, and seamlessly moving content across connected devices," Rob Salvagno, Cisco's vice president of corporate business development, writes in the blog post. "The company’s platform is widely used by major content providers and traditional service providers to deliver their content across most of the video streaming platforms available today."

Cisco will use 1 Mainstream's platform to help customers take advantage of cloud delivery for new video services, as well as speeding their existing TV services. 1 Mainstream's technology complements Cisco's Infinite suite of cloud video entertainment solutions, Salvagno notes.

Once the acquisition is complete, 1 Mainstream will join Cisco's Service Provider Video Software and Solutions Cloud Engineering Group, which is led by senior vice president and general manager Conrad Clemson. 

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