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CES Report: Giraffic Demonstrates Adaptive Video Acceleration

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High-resolution video streaming is a big topic at International CES 2015, and video acceleration company Giraffic is ready to capitalize on that interest. In its suite at the Westgate Hotel, Giraffic is running side-by-side comparisons of connected TVs streaming with and without its Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA) technology. The demo is meant to show how publishers can stream higher resolution video over the same connections using AVA.

The big news from Giraffic is the release of AVA for mobile devices. The company is showing apps that stream 10Mbps over-the-top video, as well as high-speed transfers of large files from device to device.

As reported in August, Samsung has signed on to use Giraffic's client-side software starting with its 2014 connected TVs and Blu-ray Players. Giraffic notes that its technology lets Samsung sets stream high-definition and ultra-high-definition videos, claiming a 3x average speed improvement. The CES demo shows 4K video streamed from a remote location.

Working with Sigma Designs, Giraffic created a turnkey reference design and SDK that uses Sigma's set-top boxes and connected TV chipsets. Giraffic is talking up the results of tests that show a 200 to 300 percent improvement in download speeds, as well as the elimination of buffering.

Finally, Giraffic is showing its acceleration technology used in Broadcom hybrid IP set-top boxes and an Intel Puma Home Gateway.

“AVA's side-by-side comparisons demonstrate how substantial the role of the device manufacturers can be in improving the end-user's media streaming experience,” says Yoel Zanger, Giraffic's CEO and founder. 

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