CES Report: Accedo Shows TV Everywhere; thePlatform Partners

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Accedo, the Swedish company that's been successful creating apps and app solutions for major brands since it was founded in 2004, took a giant step forward today with the announcement of its TV Everywhere (TVE) Solution. Accedo partnered with thePlatform during creation to use that company's MPX publishing system.

The goal of this TV everywhere platform is to let cable operators create offerings with little time to market. The platform includes multiplatform and multiscreen delivery. It's template-driven, so customers can customize the look and feel without having to do serious coding. Accedo preinstalls a social media toolkit

Accedo's platform offers recommendations to viewers, and shows the same interface on the television and an iPad. Users can control their TV screens from the iPad, view second-screen info on their tablet, and send content to their television from their tablet with a swipe. They can also watch different content on their tablet and television.

Accedo didn't have social media feeds working during the demo, but a rep emphasized that they could create the feature. Also, while the demo worked only with an iPad, the rep said it could be made to work with any mobile device.

The system's content management system is created by thePlatform.

Accedo doesn't have any takers for the TV everywhere platform just yet. Europe is its biggest market, but the U.S. is growing. It now has three offices in the U.S., which it sees as the next big growth market.

As it continues to refine its TV everywhere platform, Accedo will work to give more control to the customers so they can make promotion and marketing changes themselves without being dependent on outside partners.

Besides the TV everywhere platform, Accedo also announced that it has now deployed over 1000 television apps worldwide. While that should be enough announcements for the time-being, the Accedo rep said the company has more big news coming up soon. Check back for more.

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