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CBS Debuts On-Demand and Live TV Streaming Subscription Service

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The pay TV bundle took another hit today as CBS announced its CBS All Access subscription service, available for $5.99 per month. Subscribers will be able to view a catalog of thousands of programs from current and past TV seasons, as well as classic shows. They'll also be able to view live linear TV streams in 14 markets at launch (CBS didn't list the markets). Content will be available through iOS and Android CBS apps. CBS will add additional device support in the coming months.

Available content includes full seasons of 15 primetime shows (with current episodes available the day after they air), full past seasons of 8 series (including Survivor and The Good Wife), over 5,000 classic episodes (including Star Trek, Cheers, and Twin Peaks), exclusive award show content, and Big Brother 24/7 live feeds. Classic episodes will be shown without ads.

CBS All Access content is measured by Nielsen, so CBS will be able to boost its viewing numbers while making money off subscribers.

The CBS app will offer something for non-subscribers, as well, who can continue to view recent episodes with it.

When combined with yesterday's announcement that HBO will soon offer a streaming-only option, it looks like consumers are finally getting the a la carte options they've been wanting. In 2015, look for more households to say no to pay TV services while cobbling together their own mix of streaming subscriptions.

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